All contractors performing work in the Village of River Forest must be licensed and bonded.  Contractors and subcontractors are licensed by trade for the specific work they will perform (general contractor is not valid).  The following items are required to receive a River Forest Contractor License and should be submitted to the Building Department:

Certificate of Insurance

Liability coverage limits:

Surety Bond

An original signed $25,000 surety bond signed by the principal of the company. Copies or faxes of surety bonds will not be accepted. Surety bonds must specify the trade for which the license and bond is sought.  General Contractor is not valid.

Additional Trade-Specific Requirements

Electricians, plumbers and roofers must comply with the following requirements:

Electricians must also submit:

Plumbers (indoor fixtures only) must also submit:

Plumbers (digging) must also submit:

Roofers must also submit:

Waste Disposal Firms

List of Currently Licensed Contractors

Please find below a list of all contractors licensed with the Village of River Forest as of the date listed on the attached PDF.  Please note the contractors listed are not endorsed by the Village and are updated on a monthly basis. If you have any additional questions or would like to verify that the contractor's license remains current please contact the Building department.

Click here to contact the Village with questions or to find out if you or your contractor is currently licensed with the Village.