Curb and Sidewalk Replacement Project

This project consists of the removal and replacement of defective curb and sidewalk throughout the Village.  The Village has been divided into regions which are proactively surveyed on a 3-year cycle (Inspection Map).  In addition to any defective curb and sidewalk found during the survey, residents can contact the Village at 708-366-8500 to be placed on an inspection list.  Once preparation for the next project begins, those placed on the list will be contacted by Village Staff. 

Sidewalk replacement falls into three different categories:  

Category #1 - 100% Village Cost - The Village will pay 100% of the cost for replacement of those sections of sidewalk that contain qualifying trip hazards or are substantially damaged.

Category #2 - 50% Village/50% Resident Cost - The Village will split the cost of replacement with the adjacent property owner if there is some damage present, but it does not meet the requirements of Category #1.

Category #3 - 100% Resident Cost - If a resident requests that public sidewalk be replaced as part of the Village Project, but it does not meet the criteria of Category #1 or Category #2, the Village will still manage the replacement but it will be at 100% Resident cost.

In addition to replacement of the public curb and sidewalk, the Village also allows for the replacement of private residential driveway aprons and private carriage walks.  As these only serve a private use they will be at 100% Resident Cost, however, the benefit of receiving the Village‚Äôs unit pricing should allow for the replacement at a cheaper rate than an individual resident would typically receive. 

2017 Project Information

This work will once again take place throughout the Village.  Depending on the contractor and weather, it can be completed within a relatively short period of time.  The construction typically takes place between mid-June to mid-August. 


Project Updates