As of May 1, 2016 River Forest property owners are billed for their water and sewer usage on a bi monthly basis at the following rates:

  • Water: $6.14 per 100 cubic feet
  • Sewer: $4.13 per 100 cubic feet

Every household must have a $45 deposit on file for water and sewer service. The deposit is billed on your first water bill.

Click here to download a water and sewer service application.

Water and sewer bills also contain the bi monthly solid waste collection fee. Click Refuse & Recycling to learn more about the Village's solid waste collection program.

The easiest way to pay your utility bill is to participate in the Village's automatic debit program. Click here to sign-up for auto debit or to pay your bill online using a credit or debit card.

Other payment methods include:

  • By mail or in person at Village Hall (400 Park Avenue, River Forest, IL 60305)
  • Via the green drop box outside of Village Hall

Click here to contact the Utility Billing Clerk with questions about your account, to establish a billing account or to close out an account pending the sale of your home.