The Village has adopted sign regulations to attract and retain business development while enhancing and maintaining the Village's physical appearance.

A sign permit is required to erect, enlarge, expand, alter, operate, or relocate a sign within the Village.

See below for more information regarding signs:

Prohibited Signs

The following signs are specifically prohibited: 

Advertising/Billboard Home Occupation Real Estate Sold Signs Sign on Public Property
Attention-Getting Devices Moving or Animated Temporary Signs Sign Painted Directly on a Wall or Fence
Banners Off-Premises* Vehicle/Trailer Ground Sign More than 15 Feet Above Grade of Adjacent Residential District
Box Signs Portable Signs Pertaining to a Business No Longer Operating  
Electronic Reader Board* Projecting Signs Sign on Tree, Utility or Light Pole  

*These signs may be approved as part of a Planned Development

Sign Application Requirements

To expedite review of a sign permit application, please be sure to submit the following with the permit application:

To expedite review and approval of sign applications, businesses are encouraged to click here to contact the Building Official prior to submitting a sign permit application.